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Planning a Fall Wedding? Here Are 8 of Our Favorite Autumn Trends!

Other than June, the month that continues to be the most popular when it comes to weddings is October—and with good reason! The air is cooler, the trees are starting to turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, plus there’s something about autumn weather than is so…romantic.

If you’re in the process of planning a fall-themed wedding and you’re wanting to incorporate at least a couple of the current biggest wedding (and wedding reception) trends, here are the ones that definitely caught our attention.

Rustic Themes

You’ve probably heard the term “rustic” before (especially if you’ve been doing some wedding planning research), but if you’ve asked yourself “What exactly does that mean?” you’re not alone.

People who choose to have a rustic-themed wedding are individuals who prefer to be outdoors and use a lot of nature for their décor. They may get married in front of a mountain or lots of trees, their décor may incorporate a lot of wood and fresh flowers and their wedding cake might be a naked one.

For all these reasons, you can see why having a rustic wedding during the fall is an absolutely beautiful idea to consider.


Have you ever watched a wedding video, saw some aerial shots and wondered how in the world the couple was able to afford a private plane so that a videographer could pull that off? That’s a fair question. Chances are, what you’re probably seeing is the use of drones. Thanks to them, you can get those same kinds of shots for your wedding—if you want to.

Fresh (Fall) Fruit Centerpieces

As far as your reception goes, centerpieces are an important part of your décor. A lot of people decide to go with floral ones, but a popular trend that we really like is fresh fruit; fruit that is in season during autumn.

What do those include? Pears, apples, grapes, figs, pumpkins and cranberries. (Just think how amazing centerpieces with all of those in them will be!)

Cocktail Escort Cards

Something else that we really like are cocktail escort cards. It’s such a cool way to merge cocktail hour in with your reception.

Basically, what you do is come up with a drink that you want to serve all of your guests (perhaps a signature one). Then put each guest’s name and seating assignment on the glass. That way, they have something to sip on while they’re in the process of finding where you want them to sit at your reception. #brilliant

“Fun Foods”

Formal sit-downs and buffets are pretty much par for the course of so many wedding receptions. Step out of the box a bit by serving nothing but “fun foods” at your wedding reception.

Maybe rent a food truck. Or serve up foods that you and yours loved as children. Another option is to have stations with themes—tacos, comfort foods, warm drinks, etc. Even offer up some hamburgers and hot dogs, if you’d like.

While you might think that this approach is way too casual, it’s quite the contrary. Not only will you be on trend with what so many other couples are doing this year, you’ll also be stepping outside of the box by not doing the same ole same ole that oftentimes comes with wedding reception cuisine.

Black Cakes

Yep. You read that right. Another big current fall wedding trend is black wedding cakes. In fact, black accents, period at your wedding and reception are pretty big as well.

Although initially it might seem a bit morbid for such a wonderful occasion, there are all kinds of approaches that you can take to make a black wedding cake both trendy and classic at the same time.

Welcome (or Thank You) Boxes

One of our favorite fall wedding trends are welcome boxes (they can also double-up as thank-you boxes). They are packages that you can give to your long-distance guests to make their trip a little more pleasant, or you can create them to be more of a wedding favor to hand out to guests at the end of your wedding reception.

What should you put in them? It can be anything from miniature toiletries and bottles of alcohol to homemade treats and tourist items that express the city you’re getting married in perfectly. Or, they can be boxes (or bags or totes) that are filled signature fall items. It’s totally up to you.

Just know that if you do go with this trend, your guests will love you for it. That’s a guarantee!

©Shellie R. Warren/2018