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7 Tips for Pulling Off the Ultimate Eco-friendly Wedding Day!

Marriage is automatically beautiful and sacred. So, when two people make the decision to throw an eco-friendly wedding (and reception), pardon the wedding day pun, but it’s kind of like the icing on the cake. While they are making plans to formally profess their love and devotion to one another, in a way they are choosing to do the same thing to the planet. We can’t help but to totally be in love with the thought of that!

5 Ways to Make Sure You and Yours Stay on the Same Page While Wedding Planning

There are certain things that test a couple. It’s a part of life. But if there’s one test in particular that easily can go into the Top Five, it’s wedding planning. Between putting together a budget, navigating through family issues and expectations and finding ways to make sure both of you are happy—it’s enough to take a toll on even the most organized individual!

Here’s How to Throw a Gorgeous (and Affordable) Backyard Wedding

If you’re currently in the process of planning a summer wedding and you’ve been on the fence about whether to have a backyard wedding or not, we’re hoping that this five-minute read (give or take a couple of minutes) will give you just the nudge that you need to give it some serious thought and consideration. Not only are backyard weddings beautiful but, done right, they can also save you and yours pockets-full of cash.

6 Ways to Make the Day of Your Wedding Run Smoothly

Every bride wants a perfect wedding day. All of the months (sometimes even years) of planning is about making sure that each detail happens just as planned. Matter of fact, the only thing that a bride wants more than for all of her dreams to be flawlessly executed is for the day to run as smoothly as possible...

6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception UNFORGETTABLE!

We once saw a news story where the interviewer stood outside of wedding ceremonies and asked the guests what they remembered immediately following. Most of them didn’t remember the colors that the bridal party wore or what kind of flowers the bouquets were made out of. What they did remember, though, was how the ceremony made them feel...

5 Ways to Keep the Stress-Levels Down While Planning Your Wedding

Any married couple who claims that planning their wedding didn’t come with some level of stress, send them our way so that we can interview them personally! Between the lack of sleep, the borage of calls from vendors and trying to keep both sides of your family happy as you plan your (emphasis on “your”) special day, anxiety and uneasiness have a way of creeping up on both you and yours...