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7 of Our Absolute Favorite Spring Wedding (and Reception) Trends for 2018

Whether you’re planning on getting married at a wedding venue in Los Angeles this spring or you’re looking forward to an outdoor ceremony later in the fall, we just had to share with you some of the 2018 wedding day trends that caught our attention.

All of them are special. Each one serves a purpose. And what’s really cool about each and every one of them is they’re distinctive enough that if you do choose to incorporate them into your wedding or reception, they actually won’t translate as being “trendy” at all.

“Classic” is more like it.

Smaller Guest Lists

It seems like less is more these days; especially as it relates to the guest lists at weddings. Some couples are doing it for financial reasons, others are doing it in order to go with a posher venue (an upscale banquet hall in Los Angeles, anyone?). Still others are doing it because they like the thought of something small and intimate rather than large and opulent. Bottom line, if you don’t want to invite hundreds of people, don’t feel pressured to. In 2018, you certainly won’t be alone.

Industrial Spaces

If you don’t want to get married at a church but you know that you want to be indoors, maybe consider an industrial space in your area. There is something very “magazine editorial” about a wedding that has the atmosphere of a warehouse along with the romance of flowers and candles at the same time.

Formal Weddings

Another reason why some couples are preferring to have smaller weddings is so that they can save money on their reception so that they can go all formal for the wedding itself. Yep. We’re back to formal gowns, tuxes and after 6 services. Who can say “no” to that?

Split Skirts

As far as bridal trends go, you’re going to see quite a few plunging necklines. If that’s totally not your thing but you do want to get in on the popular looks, how about a sleek dress with a split skirt? With the right pair of heels, it can be just the hint of sexy that you’ve been looking for, without going too over the top.

Navy Suits

For the groom and his groomsmen, ditch the traditional black and opt for navy blue suits instead. Not only does it look really sleek and modern, but navy symbolizes trust, wisdom, loyalty, faith and calm. All of the things that a bride wants to see reflected on her groom as she walks down the aisle.


As far as jewelry and accents go, pearls have the floor this year. Pearls have a reputation for attracting wealth, luck and generosity while also having an ability to strengthen your relationship. You can wear a pair of your grandmother’s pearls earrings and let that serve as your “something old” or “something borrowed”, get strings of faux pearls for your bridesmaids to wear around their necks, or you can decorate your centerpieces with pearls. Beautiful.

Unique Foods

What should you serve at your reception? In 2018, the more unique the menu, the better. That could be anything from a sushi bar or taco food truck to homemade comfort food or mini “junk food” items like cheeseburgers and pizza. This year, it’s less about stuffy cuisine and more about having a load of fun!

Dessert Tables

Speaking of having fun, we couldn’t close out an article like this without sharing the fact that dessert tables are all the rage. It will (probably) always be “on trend” for there to be a wedding cake at receptions (drip cakes are pretty big this year, by the way). But also create a table that is chocked full of donuts, cookies and brownies. Or, you can incorporate a mixture of childhood desserts that both of you really liked growing up. It will be both nostalgia and sweet—literally. Something that grown folks and kids alike will enjoy!

©Shellie R. Warren/2018