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8 Of Our Absolute Favorite 2018 Wedding Trends!

Weddings are exciting all on their own! But when it’s a new year and you’re planning one in the upcoming months, it’s always fun to check out what some of the latest and hottest wedding (reception and honeymoon) trends are.

If you’re engaged and planning to get married this year, your plate is already pretty full. So, we decided to do some of the work for you by researching and sharing the kinds of trends that are pretty, popular and sure to be memorable for you and yours, your loved ones and the guests that you invite to be a part of your very special day!

“Cultural” Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are nothing new. But the twist in this year’s trend is to look for the kind of place where you’ll want to actually incorporate some of its culture into your ceremony and/or reception. Maybe in at a vineyard in Rome or at a safari resort in South Africa.

Small Wedding Parties

Who doesn’t want to avoid the potential drama of trying to include everyone into your wedding party? One way to do it is to narrow the number down to 3-5 (on each side)—and then blame it on the trend. Yep. This year, the smaller the wedding party, the better. (It tends to be cheaper and easier to manage too.)

Rich Colors (men in burgundy)

No matter what time of year you plan on saying “I do”, pastels won’t make nearly as much of an impact as richer hues will. Think deep purple, dark shades of jewel tones and even burgundy tuxes (and suits) for men. Gone are the traditional black and blue hues. At least for now.

“Celestial” Gowns

As far as bridal looks go, celestial gowns are all the rage. What is that exactly? Think of a white bridal gown with a three-dimensional sheer overlay filled with stars. Or a modern-take on a dress with sparkling star embellishments all over it. Of course, you can make this work any time of day that you choose, but just imagine how amazing this will look at an evening ceremony by candlelight!

Industrial Spaces

Interestingly enough, outdoor weddings are (pardon the pun) out. Couples are looking to get back indoors these days. Churches will always be a mainstay. However, the current wedding day trend is to choose an industrial space instead. Maybe a loft (with brick interior) or a recently renovated warehouse. If you use it as your space and then add your signature softer touches, it will bring in the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. (It can turn into the backdrop for some pretty unforgettable wedding photos too!)

Doughnut-Layered “Cake”

If you don’t mind foregoing the whole traditional wedding cake thing, another one of our favorite current wedding day trends is a doughnut-layered wedding cake. No, not one doughnut that is shaped like a wedding cake. Get a cake stand that has multi-layered tiers and then put different flavors of doughnuts on each one. Guests of all ages will absolutely love this! Plus, if money is really tight, this is something you won’t have to hire a professional bakery or cake decorator to do.

After-Party Receptions

What exactly is an after-party wedding reception? Sure, it’s a reception, but it comes with a bit of a twist. Well, actually a few. It’s not as formal as traditional wedding receptions. It’s usually at a venue that doesn’t require paying an additional fee (think of a nice bar or restaurant that has space for a fairly large party). There aren’t sit-down dinners. Instead, there are snacks, appetizers and drinks. Everyone just chills and dances the night away without you having to foot the bill. (Yeah, we totally get why this is a big trend right now!)

Treehouse Honeymoons

As far as honeymoon trends go, spending a few days (and nights) in a treehouse is pretty popular. Not the kind of treehouse that you played in as a child. No, these are the kinds that are featured on glamping (glamorous camping) websites. There are even sites that feature nothing but treehouse hotels. The sceneries are breathtaking, the amenities are (usually) great for the environment and with features like rainfall showers and gas fireplaces, how could you not want to take in all of the ambiance and romance? It’s the perfect honeymoon and future anniversary location for years to come!