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5 Reasons Why You DEFINITELY Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

Picture this. You have a wedding date at a really romantic banquet hall in Los Angeles. You know what kind of gown you want to wear and who you want to ask to be in your wedding party.

That’s great. Three details down, 100,000 (give or take a thousand) to go!

Out of all of the things that you’ll do in your lifetime, very few will be as detail-oriented as planning a wedding and reception. And because there is no room for do-overs, because wedding days only give you one shot to get it all right, one of the best things that you can do is hire a wedding planner.

We’re not gonna lie to you and say that the more reputable ones are only the cheaper side (although many are willing to work out something that will keep both you and them happy), but once you read all of the ways that having one can benefit you, we’re sure you’ll see why it’s one of the absolute best investments that you can make.

It Will Keep You Organized

You might have the best wedding planning book on the market along with a Pinterest page that has been solely devoted to putting your wedding dreams in order for the past couple of years now. But when you have to remember things like what font to put on your wedding program and what kind of flowers need to go into the centerpieces at your reception, it’s easy to get super-overwhelmed and allow certain details to fall through the cracks. A wedding planner can prevent this from happening. They specialize in crossing every “T” and dotting ever “I” so to speak so that you don’t have to.

It Will Reduce Your Stress Levels

When know that things are under control, your stress levels are able to go way down. Good thing too because many marriage counselors will vouch for the fact that planning for a wedding can bring on a lot of tension into a relationship. The weeks leading up to your wedding are some of the most precious moments of your life. You don’t want to look back and realize that all you and yours did was fight over wedding details. Plus, stress can lead to breakouts and sleepless nights. Who wants to get married with big zits on their face and bags under their eyes?

It Will Save You Money

It might sound weird to hear that in order to save money on your wedding, you need to actually spend some on a wedding planner, but it’s the truth. Take your Los Angeles wedding venue, for example. If your wedding planner has already done work with the venue before, they’ve probably established the kind of relationship where they are able to receive discounts. In fact, it’s pretty common for reputable planners to save their clients as much as 25-40 percent on various vendors (be sure to ask prospective planners if they are able to request certain savings while you are interviewing them).

It Will Keep the Peace

In a perfect world, during the wedding planning process and certainly not on the wedding day itself would there be any drama or discord. We’re on planet earth, though, and with each person involved comes a different personality, perspective and personal taste. The last thing you need to be concerning yourself with is if both of your mothers can agree on a dress or if your caterer can get to the venue 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Having a wedding planner in tow means that people are calling them, not you. It also means that the planner will probably have a better set of solutions than you as well—since this is nothing new to them. So, if something crazy happens, they can take care of it without you knowing a thing about it!

It Will Make Your Day Run MUCH Smoother

Vendors showing up on time. Finding a sewing kit for a snag in your dress. Making sure the photograph is ready for you and yours first glance photos. Getting everyone down the aisle according to what was discussed at the rehearsal. Having what you need, cosmetics-wise, in between the wedding and reception. You know who makes sure these kinds of things are taken care of? The wedding planner! That way, all you need to concern yourself with is showing up and having a beautiful day. This alone makes hiring a wedding planner the best wedding planning decision—ever!

©Shellie R. Warren/2018