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Personalizing your wedding with the hottest trends!

Every couple wants their wedding to reflect their unique personalities, to tell their very own love story. But planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and when you add in staying with the cutting-edge vogues all within your budget…well that just takes it to a new level. So we have complied a few of the latest trends to help personalize your day!

Establishing the tone of your wedding:

Your color scheme sets the tone/mood of your event and ties your wedding theme together. While the traditional all-white weddings will always be a classy favorite, pops of color are taking over! Bright tones are great, especially for summer weddings. Keeping it simple is key here: focusing on just two to three hues will keep your wedding looking less like a carnival and more like a lush garden. Your color theme will carry over to tables and centerpieces, try sticking to a single floral color centerpiece and choose a bold vase or table linens to bring the entire look together. Metallica’s, gold’s & pastels seems to still be a bridal favorite but don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and see what catches your eye.

Your music, your ambience:

Couples are concentrating more on the music for their wedding in 2017 than ever before! The elegance of live music will do nothing short of compliment your wedding. Set a romantic laid back atmosphere during cocktail hour and dinner by hiring a violinist or harpist. And for after dinner, surprise your guests with a live choir belting out the latest hits, it will be sure to set the mood, get the party started and dance floor full.

Bringing the outdoor in:

One of the most popular themes this year is outdoor weddings. But you can leave the bug spray at home by bringing the great outdoors in without a single worry that mother nature can interfere with your reception. Create an enchanted forest by adding jumbo potted trees around the hall, along with a herbaceous border. Lastly, using natural elements such as wood and stone throughout for your décor and centerpieces along with hanging flowers will make your guests forget that they’re actually indoors.

Have my cake, and eat it too:

Traditional white multi-tier cakes will never go out of style but if you’re looking for something different, something new, 2017 is the year for you! Some brides are, well sort of, sticking with tradition by getting a naked cake, this is great for those who want a little rustic glam theme. Stick to a double to tripe layers, adding on in season fruits or flowers and you have a beautiful modern day look. Most brides however are veering away from single cakes: dessert tables are getting more elaborate and we are seeing more donut cakes than traditional ones. These oversized works of art though beautiful can break the bank and send your budget down the drain. Think about offering your guests unique desserts, ice cream is a great option especially for summer weddings. As mentioned previously donuts! Mini donuts with thank you messages passed around towards the end of your event can really add a special unexpected dose of sugar to your wedding.

Most importantly do what feels right and do what makes most sense to you. You’re about to become Mr. & Mrs. and your wedding day should encompass your love and define you as a couple. Happy planning!