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5 Ways to Keep the Stress-Levels Down While Planning Your Wedding

Any married couple who claims that planning their wedding didn’t come with some level of stress, send them our way so that we can interview them personally! Between the lack of sleep, the borage of calls from vendors and trying to keep both sides of your family happy as you plan your (emphasis on “your”) special day, anxiety and uneasiness have a way of creeping up on both you and yours.

There is a silver lining to this fact of life. We say that because there are a few things that you can do to keep tensions down and zits from creeping up (a real selling point when it comes to doing all that you can to avoid being stressed out). If you stick with these tips from beginning to end, wedding planning can be A LOT more peaceful than you could’ve ever imagined!

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Very few things can stress us out more than not having enough money or spending more than we planned to. This tends to be exactly what happens during the wedding planning process. Whether it’s hiring a wedding planner, choosing your bridal gown or putting down a deposit on a banquet hall in Los Angeles, don’t do any of this without creating a budget—one that you know you and yours will stick to. (By the way, try and keep your credit card usage to a minimum. Credit cards aren’t cash; they are loans.)

Put Your Wedding Party to Work

Have you ever sat and thought about the word “bridesmaid”? How it is basically two words that are joined together? Although there are some bridezillas in the world, what there are also no shortage of is diva bridesmaids—bridesmaids who think your wedding day is more about them than you (SMH). If you haven’t selected your bridal party yet, choose people who you love, are close to and also don’t have a problem being put to work. If you need help putting programs together, making calls or decorating your Glendale banquet hall, a good set of bridesmaids will be ready and willing to lend a hand. A bridesmaid needs to focus on the word “maid” (helping out) than bride. Words to live by and definitely a great way to keep your stress levels at bay.

Take Off Days

It might sound crazy to even consider, but it’s better to take a few days off here and there than to be exhausted, sick or totally overwhelmed and miserable because you didn’t. As you get closer to your special day, taking off full days will be harder to do. But at least set aside some time to get a massage, mani/pedi or even just turn off your phone for a couple of hours. Yes, you want your wedding day to be perfect. But you know what? You also need to have your sanity in check once your big day arrives.

Go on No-Wedding-Talk Dates

It would be unfortunate if your wedding day went off without a hitch while you and your significant other were quietly sick of each other due to how the wedding planning process took its toll. It’s not uncommon for engaged couples to have a few arguments—or complete fall-outs—due to the strain of preparing for their wedding day. You can keep the stress down between the two of you by scheduling dates that consists of ABSOLUTELY NO wedding talk (from start of the date to finish, by the way)!

Don’t Procrastinate

You’re gonna have days when you’ll want to do anything but talk about your wedding. That’s normal and natural. You need to push past your feelings and check off whatever is on your to-do list, though. If you keep pushing back cake-tasting appointments and times to meet with your officiant, all that’s going to do is put more on your plate in the days leading closer to your wedding day. Out of all of the points that we shared, choosing not to procrastinate during your wedding planning process is probably the most effective way to avoid being stressed out. Get it done so that you can rest easy. (You’ll thank us in the long run!)

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