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6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception UNFORGETTABLE!

We once saw a news story where the interviewer stood outside of wedding ceremonies and asked the guests what they remembered immediately following. Most of them didn’t remember the colors that the bridal party wore or what kind of flowers the bouquets were made out of. What they did remember, though, was how the ceremony made them feel.

That’s why this particular article isn’t about wedding reception trends so much as things that you can do to make your guests feel like they had a really good time. Whether you’ve selected one of the best banquet halls in Los Angeles or you’ve decided on another place, here are some easy ways to make your own wedding reception totally unforgettable!

Switch Up the Music

People tend to have mixed feelings about the music at wedding receptions. Usually that’s because it tends to cater to one demographic or features no more than a couple of genres. Listen, it is YOUR DAY and you can certainly do whatever you want. But if you want to get your adorable six-year-old niece and your ornery great-aunt on the floor, consider throwing in a few songs that they would want to listen and dance to as well. If you’re a true music fan, it won’t be as hard to come up with this kind of playlist as you might think!

Provide Everyone with Socks/Flip-Flops

Speaking of dancing to the music, if you’ve just booked the best Glendale banquet hall for your reception, that is going to give your guests plenty of room to get their groove on. Make it as comfortable for them as possible by having some socks and/or flip-flops that they can wear. You can just put two big bins on either side of your reception interest with a sign that says, “Free Socks!” or “Free Flip-Flops”! Everyone in heels will totally love you for making this move alone!

Create a Child-Themed Buffet Table

For the children who come—and the people who are children at heart—create a child-themed buffet table for them. Only, do it with a twist. Whatever kinds of candy, ice cream, drinks or desserts that you and yours adored as kids, have that be what’s featured at the table. If certain items are hard to find, you might want to check out sites like Old Time Candy and Candy Crate.

Have Your Guests Take a “Walk Down Memory Lane”

Your guests are going to expect to see tons of pics of you and your beloved. They may even look for a few shots of you with your parents and siblings. What will catch them totally off guard, though, is if you have photographs on display of you and yours with them as well. If you don’t have nearly enough, put a card in your invitation asking them to email you a shot of you and them together no less than two weeks before your wedding day. Then, somewhere in your reception space, string the pictures together and call it “A Walk Down Memory Lane”.  Actually, call it whatever you want but, you get the gist. It will bring laughter and tears—simultaneously.

Get a Few Dry Eraser Boards

Whether you decide to go with a photo booth or just customizing an area where your guests can have a ball taking pictures with you and everyone else, make sure that you have some dry eraser boards and Sharpies handy. They can use them to personalize messages, marital advice—or create inside jokes—that they can hold up while they are getting their picture taken. As you’re writing your thank-you notes, you can bring an (extra) smile to their faces by including a print of the photo that they took.

Send ‘Em Home with Milk and Cookies

Don’t spend a mint on party favors that, let’s be honest, will probably end up in the trash within 48 hours from the moment your reception comes to an end. Give your guests something that is sweet—and again, let’s be honest—cheap. How about some homemade chocolate chip cookies (or brownies) and a mini carton of milk? It’s fun, it’s delicious and it’s the absolute perfect way to cap off your totally unforgettable reception too. Have fun!

©Shellie R. Warren/2018